Hearing Care Centre Assessments

The Hearing Care Centre is a multi-award winning, independent hearing care company looking after patients with hearing concerns at centres throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. They guarantee an impartial, expert and caring approach to all hearing concerns.

The services they provide include hearing assessments, fitting of the very latest hearing aid technology, award-winning aftercare, tinnitus management consultations, custom noise protection and more.

A comprehensive 1 hour hearing assessment is £30. A detailed medical history is taken together with discussion about communication difficulties affecting your lifestyle. A full examination of the outer ear is carried out to establish the medical condition of the outer ear, ear canals and eardrums, to check if any abnormalities are present. The hearing test itself, using advanced audiometric procedures, consists of the presentation of Puretone’s at various frequencies by both air and bone conduction. An explanation of the results is given and any recommendations are discussed.

Simon Myhill RHAD FdSc FSHAA is The Hearing Care Centre’s resident audiologist at Thorpewood Medical Centre. Simon is an experienced hearing aid audiologist and joined The Hearing Care Centre team in 2010. He is responsible for looking after the many of the company’s centres across Norfolk.

Simon loves that he has the ability to improve the lives of hearing impaired people and their families. He looks forward to welcoming new and returning patients to Thorpewood Medical Centre where he will be working every other Friday.

For further information please visit www.hearingcarecentre.co.uk or call the company’s customer care team on 01603 576885.